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Summer Course in Jain Philosophy. From April 19th on.. — 2 Comments

  1. A thousand thanx for Pundit Pandit for posting this info. I signed up for the free course. My attraction is the Jain ritual of dying. The person goes without food, water and pain killer medication. This is not suicide, nor is it mercy killing. The ritual is done on a voluntary basis. The person must be of sound mind. It is believed when the person exits this life for the next existence he/she will have purified the mind, body and soul.
    The person will depart in a state of bliss and enter a higher level of existence.
    The tradition has been practiced for several thousand years.

    • Jainism and Buddhism are branches of the same Shraman tradition in India, i.e so called non beleivers in supreme authority and firm beleirs in karma doctrine.

      The art of dying,a s we call ita s sallekhana in jainism , is a unique aspect of jain ethis. it details the preparation and manner of practicing to have a peaceful and pious death. remmebr the saying ” All is well that ends well’. You will know about daily practice ( for accidental death), pracxticing when faced with a natural calamity (famine or earthquake) and the in the end when the body is unable to support our self development activities.

      Come join and have lots of experience and fun at mahidol from April 26th to May 15th.