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  1. Dear Bhante,

    Kindly avoid statements like “This is Thailand, so expect the schedule to be somewhat, ahem…. , fluid.” Can you get over your ‘tanha’?

    Besides, it is the rigidity in people’s minds and their expectations that causes their suffering!

    Based on my several experiences with Phra Ajahn, you may write:

    “The morning session usually starts with meditation instructions on mindfulness with regard to the body (kāya-gatā-sati) delivered in a repetitive (and some say hypnotic) manner not different from that of the ancient suttas. Development of this subtle kind of awareness will be taught and applied during both sitting and walking meditation.

    The afternoon continues with more of the same instructions, and an extended quiet session with the monk is to follow. During this time, the assessment of the individual’s progress as well as further refinement of meditation techniques by experienced tutors and disciples (of Phra Ajahn Wimokkha) may be made available, and may be held in a separate room.

    A question and answer session may follow where inquiries pertaining to individual experiences and needs are addressed, such as special meditations to promote healing.

    Lunch is provided, and refreshments are available throughout the day. The schedule is flexible and one is free to join and leave as appropriate. Registration is from 8:30 – 9:00, and ends at approximately 4 to 5 in the afternoon.

    Instruction and food are provided free of charge, but donations are always welcome.