Ajahn Tiradhammo leading Makha Puja Day @ Rojana

〈〉 Special Event for Makha Puja:  Thrs. March 1st 2018 AJAHN TIRADHAMMO    Dancing with Roses: overcoming aversion, the second hindrance 1:30-4:00pm @ Rojana Center, Asoke 〈〉 Overview: Thursday 1st March – this is a big day in the Buddhist calendar, and … Continue reading →

Theravada Buddhist Puja, and dharma talk, Sat 17 Sept

ทำวัตรเช้า Saturday 17th September THAI MONASTERY PUJA and the Working Class Mystic at the Rojana Center, Suk. 23 10:00-11:45am Overview  We gather for a full on Thai Buddhist Puja, for English speakers. This is the ceremony that is held daily in Thai temples, for all … Continue reading →