Tam Boon – on Halloween


‘Tam boon’ is a Thai word translated as ‘making merit’ – not an ideal translation. But it is a core Buddhist principle. To do good, donate, help, to work for others … is a way to make your own mind bright and happy.  In fact the original word means to make bright – the idea being that if you do something good, when you reflect on it, you feel happy. Similarly if you do something bad, when you reflect on it you feel guilt or unhappiness.

There are an infinite number of ‘good’ deeds one can do. It is up to the individual to decide what/who they prefer to help – just so long as you make the effort to do something for others.

This Halloween, October 31st there is one way to help out with the community, as announced in the excellent weekly newsletter from BNOW (Bangkok Network of Women – but you don’t have to be female to get the newsletter). It does not cost the volunteers anything to help with the day’s entertainment for the children, and food will be provided.

…..As you know, children from disadvantaged backgrounds get little warmth and affection in their lives, so you can make a real difference by volunteering for a few hours on a Saturday afternoon. The children that join us value the personal interaction above all, and their smiles make all the hard work that goes into this activity worthwhile.

This Event will bring around 250 children from the Klong Toey Slum Community to tour the E.S. Haunted House and to enjoy lots of food, fun and “edutainment.” While bringing smiles (and screams) to the faces of these kids, volunteers will have the opportunity to interact in a hands-on way that makes giving back to the community meaningful and inspiring! Importantly, we also send each group home with loads of rice, milk, toys and school supplies.

Details and contact for anyone interested in helping out with this please head over to BNOW for details. Actually the newsletter always has a number of interesting events to look through.