Dharma Talk & Meditation

‘The Clockwork Universe’
with Pandit Bhikkhu

Sunday 4th October, 2-5pm


The World Fellowship of Buddhists holds a monthly meditation and dharma workshop at their HQ, behind Benchasiri Park (by Emporium).

Sunday 4th October, the talk is with Pandit Bhikkhu.

2-5pm – no need for reservation. Free of charge.

The Topic

Breaking form the usual dharma talk style, this week will be something a little more informative – a class on Buddhist cosmology. There is a certain set of presumptions in Buddhist theory and practise – rebirth, heavens and hells, karma, gods and warring demi-gods, Buddhas (plural), Maras (Devil)… all bound together in a confusing mass of delusion and mistaken identity. It follows certain laws and regulations, but for the being trapped in the cycle, escape options are limited.  Liberation is not through faith or belief, but by sytematic attention, and the helping hand of blind luck. This in short, is the Clockwork Universe – Samsara.



The Speaker


Bringing his usual wit, and insights from 18 years as a Buddhist monk, Pandit Bhikkhu leads this session. He is ordained for 18 years, spending 4 years in an upcountry monastery in Rajaburi province, and the rest in Bangkok. 4 years was also spent getting a psychology degree, and countless years after that pursuing an MA in Buddhist Studies.


The Venue

The World Fellowship of Buddhists is a large building at the back of Benchasiri Park, by Phrom Phong BTS Station, Bangkok Thailand. There is lots of space. No need to book in advance.

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