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The Expositor: what makes a ‘good’ dhamma talk? — 3 Comments

  1. I completely agree that one should listen to Dhamma talk for the “contents” which can then be applied into one daily practice. In this regard, the competency of the speaker in entertaining the audience is much less importance. One should know the ultimate aim to listen to Dhamma talk, ie to learn a new knowledge, or to remind oneself of the knowledge that one has heard before and then to put it into daily practice, thus facilitating oneself to attain spiritual growth.

  2. So it’s not the talk so much as the coming and listening that are important. Good points. Merchants of Doubt sounds interesting. Have you changed you views on global warming?

  3. I quite enjoyed Merchants of Doubt though it is written by scientists with incredible detail – not your usual sweeping statements and broad ideas.. I have the PDF. It has not changed by view on AGWarming, but it has shown me my Attention Bias of picking out what fits my preconceptions.