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The Gentle Tackle — 5 Comments

  1. Thanks for that article….

    As a fellow sportsman and long time admirer of Jonny it is inetresting to hear his views. It also helps as I sometimes question myself on the morals of using the things learned from Buddhism & meditation to enhance my professional goals.

  2. I don’t think meditation is an unfair advantage. Sports psychologists are in big demand right now – I think the UK rugby team made history with that…
    In fact, any sports teams who want some meditation training … I am open to offers 🙂
    Only down side is they might not want to win any more.

  3. I have a sports psychologist I am working with right now…..

    I think I will stick with her for the golf and you for the Dhamma, maybe safer….. 55555 lol

  4. Where can one find out more about this gathering of the mind at the center of the body?