The Nitty Gritty on Monks

Tony and Greg over at Bangkok Podcast have an especially interesting guest joining them this week, giving “the nitty gritty” on life as a monk … so they say.

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Actually, all the podcasts they do are interesting, and they have a quite a social group going nowadays.

The text goes as follows:

Bangkok Podcast Episode 30:
Phra Pandit

Ask anyone in the world what they see when they think of Thailand, and chances are that one of those things will be monks. They are a part of life here – wandering the streets early in the morning, shopping at markets, riding the skytrain – but for most foreigners, they remain somewhat mysterious and at a distance. To change those perceptions, Bangkok Podcast is very happy to welcome Phra Pandit, a Brit who was ordained as a monk in 1996 and is now a very visible part of Bangkok’s Buddhist community.

We ask Phra Pandit all the nitty gritty about being a monk: why are the robes orange? What time do you wake up? What does your family think? And what’s the deal with meditation? He gives us a very unique and interesting insight into a side of life that most of us will never see, including details on his blog and Facebook group. Look for Phra Pandit on future shows, as he will return to further school us in the many interesting aspects of Buddhism.

Tony and Greg also take a cue from some listener mail and discuss the best places to go for a jog in Bangkok, and also continue with information on the BANGKOK PODCAST CHRISTMAS PARTY!

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