The Noble Search

Posted by Pandit Bhikkhu:

I have mentioned regularly to many people that I am always looking for venues for events. So far all the places we use I have researched, contacted and nurtured myself. But I keep asking for everyone to help.

Several things we need to look for:

1. a venue for weekend retreats. Somewhere less than 2 hours from Bangkok. Clean and quiet. And something we can arrange for under 2000 baht per person for accommodation and food. We need a meeting room that can handle 30+ people, and also a place that can handle 60+ people for bigger retreats.

So far I’ve made 4 roadtrips to Comsaed, Rajaburi, the Hideaway we used this month, and lately to Suphanburi and Saraburi. This has cost quite a bit in renting cars… so I really need other people to take a look at possible resorts, and get details too, in order to find a good place. I am always asking, but no one seems to have anywhere to suggest!

2. A nice restaurant for afternoon movie events. Food needs to be a reasonable cost, and also room hire. If needed we can have a collection and buy our own projector. MANY restaurants have extra rooms that are empty on Saturday afternoons (this is not a big eating out time of the week) who’d be very willing to let us have the room. Personally I don’t go to restaurants of course, so again I am dependent on you all to look into this. When you go out, take a look at the restaurant, and ask if they have a room. (Might mention thanks to Richard, who told me to check out the Tai Pan)

3. Lastly we are always on the hunt for meeting rooms for talks etc..  I have a good bunch of locations now that we can use, but each has + and – points. Many of them we have used, and some we have not yet.

During this monastic Rains period (August/Sept/Oct) it would be nice to do a big weekend retreat, so the urgent search is for a nice resort we can use.

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