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The Offering Cloth — 3 Comments

  1. Hi,

    Thank you for a very useful article. And, yes, it seems to me that if monks make vows of celibacy then it’s a pretty good thing that society expects them to have no physical contact with women. That’s got to be good for everyone.

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  2. hi,

    Just wondering, what about little girl who is below 12yrs old or baby girl? had seen a monk so call “touches” a 6 yrs old girl during a prayer session, so was curious to know if the “no touching” meant for certain age only

    • Thai monks should not touch any girl, though the boundaries are not always clear – I was given a new born baby girl to hold. I was not comfortable with this, but only because I am afraid of babies (and children). When it is family, or in an informal situation with people around thngs get more fuzzy. Sri Lankan, Burmese and Cambodian monks are much less rigid about the issue, and Tibetan monks/nuns stick to the original vinaya rule of not touching the opposite sex with lustful intent, but otherwise it is ok.