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Saturday 17th September

and the Working Class Mystic

at the Rojana Center, Suk. 23


 We gather for a full on Thai Buddhist Puja, for English speakers. This is the ceremony that is held daily in Thai temples, for all echelons of Thai society, from local towns to the Palace. It’s the staple entry to Thai Buddhism. This is ‘Theravada’ Buddhism, known as the Way of the Elders, as practised widely in Sri Lanka, Myanmar, Cambodia, Thailand and Laos.

  You’re welcome to just observe, or join in – everything will be printed out so you can follow exactly what is occurring.

  We will gather in the Rojana center on Sukhmvit 23 – it’s an 11 minute walk from Asoke BTS and MRT, or you can take a motorcycle from Soi 23.

  • 10:00 The Puja
  • 10:30 Dharma talk: the Working Class Mystic with Pandit Bhikkhu
  • 11:15 Questions and comments
  • 11:30 Formal food offering and blessing
  • 11:45 coffee, refreshments, hook up with other yogis and go for lunch….

   There is no charge, and no need to book in advance. Please come on time, as it is disturbing to the proceedings if people are coming and going.


This is Buddhism in it’s truest cultural form –
for meditators of all traditions in Bangkok to join together and support each other


The Puja

  Every morning and evening in Thai temples there is a ‘Puja’ (Bucha Phra) – a ceremony where the community of the monastery gathers, lights candles and incense, and performs some chanting and bowing rites.


Such daily rituals are a mark of all forms of Buddhism (and other religions) – but for what reason? ‘Tamwat Chao‘ morning chanting is fundamental mark of Thai Buddhism, but not one that is well understood by visitors to the country.

The Buddha warned of ‘attachment to rite and ritual’, so why is this Puja considered so important?

The proceedings :

  • Three refuges
  • Five precepts
  • ‘Tamwat Chao’: morning chanting in Pali (translations are available)
  • Formal dharma desana request
  • Dharma Talk
  • Sharing of merits
  • Forgiveness request and offering
  • Food and requisites offering
  • Lunch


Dharma Talk Topic:

 Like any religion, Buddhism has it’s popular side, superstitious side, and the mystic side. ‘Mystic’ not because it is a secret teaching, but because the yogi must step outside the ordinary streams of consciousness, and enter into meditation, into a new way of being. Without this, there is only a creed.
For most people it is a slow but steady movement, rather than great mystical trances. We are the working class body of meditation yogis!

  British born Pandit Bhikkhu has been ordained as a Buddhist monk in Thailand since 1996, living in Rajaburi province with his original Upajjaya (preceptor) and then in Bangkok. He finished a degree in psychology from the Sangha University, and is completing a MA in Buddhist Studies. Since 2007 he has been organising public events with various speakers in an effort to  make the Buddhist teachings available for English speakers.




  The Rojana Center is on Sukhumvit 21 Soi 1 – or you can more easily get there from Sukhumvit 23. It is an 11 minute walk from Asoke BTS and MRT stations. Best to cross over Asoke Raod by the skywalk from the BTS station – it will save you much time!

  Easiest is to take a motorcycle from the entrance to Soi 23 – the motorcycle drivers mostly know where the Rojana Center is.

You can open the location in Google Maps, or other mapping app, here.


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