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Tom Upson passes away — 2 Comments

  1. Thank you for your comments with respect to Tom Upson’s passing. They are appreciated.

    A couple of points of clarification/correction. First, Tom was never from Canada, (although your comments regarding Canadian civility are appreciated). He was a native of the United States of America. He is an ex-Marine. (Once a Marine, always a Marine!). Second, he was employed, in recent years, alternately with the AUALC (as opposed to ‘AUA’) and with the US Naval Air facility at Diego Garcia in the South Indian Ocean.

    Tom would be pleased to know that he is being remembered on this site.

  2. Tom was my good friend and I shall miss him. I knew Tom from AUA and I kept in touch with him over the years. Tom was a compassionate man and had the interests of other people in his heart. It is with real regret that I have learned of this. I can remember Tom laughing and smiling so easily. It is hard to accept his passing. He was my friend and I shall miss him. RIP brother, Semper Fi Mark P. Ellis