Two More Elements than Four
practical meditation teaching with Jeff Oliver

@little Bangkok Meditation Center, Ekkamai
Sunday 14th August, 4-6pm 


Second of two events with our regular (and popular) meditation retreat teacher Jeff Oliver.

Two More Elements than Four“: We’ve heard of the physical elements of Earth, Wind, Fire and Water; now let’s learn about the other two elements in the Buddhist schema – Space and Consciousness. These concepts are used to help bring aspects of direct experience into attention.

There is no charge for these events. Donations for the refreshments, and for travelling expenses are welcome.

  • 3-4pm gather at Ekkamai center for refreshments (map below)
  • 4-6pm Dharma Talk on the practical application of ‘Emptiness’


About Jeff:

We’ve hosted Jeff in Bangkok many times – he is always a reliably good public speaker – both entertaining and inspirational. He was formerly a monk for several years in Myanmar under the well known meditation master Sayadaw U Janaka. He’s written several books, and currently lives as a full time dharma teacher (when he’s not surfing in his home country Australia) leading retreats and giving talks in Turkey, Bali, Malaysia, Bangkok, and other places.jeff

Jeff’s style is highly pragmatic, rather than scholarly. He teaches mediation and dharma from his own 20+ year experience as a monk, meditator, and dharma speaker.



All three sessions will be in ‘APARTMENTS’ meditation studio – our new little Bangkok Meditation centre. Feel free to come earlier from 6:30pm (ish) if you’d like to meet a few of the regulars or catch Jeff before the start of the event.

The centre is 4 minutes walk from Ekkamai BTS station, Bangkok, Thailand. (If the front door is locked, the housekeepers number is on the door – call and she’ll open up for you.)

The map is fabulously clear: