Vesak May 8

The Korean Temple in Bangkok has kindly arranged for their Vesak celebrations (Visakha Puja celebrating the birth death and enlightenment of the Buddha) to be shared with Littlebang regulars. Details are on Marcus’ blog. … so that he can update the information. Please double check the information there. 

Hope you can all make it along there. The basic info is as follows:

Buddha’s Birthday


Buddha’s Birthday falls on May the 2nd this year in Korea, but will be celebrated by many Korean Buddhists in Bangkok at the Hanmaum Seon Centre on May 8th to co-incide with the Thai Vesak celebrations, and anyone interested in Korean Buddhism is warmly invited to attend.


There will be a ceremony in the morning and a festival of Korean Buddhist arts in the evening and a translator will be available for English-speaking visitors during both events – making this a magnificent chance here in Bangkok to participate in a Zen Buddhist temple during the most important ceremony of the year.


Both the ceremony and the festival are colourful events that celebrate and express the dynamism of Korean Buddhism and our wish to light the lantern of our Mind. Do come along if interested. Scroll down for full details.




The Bangkok Hanmaum Seon Center is an overseas branch of Hanmaum Seon, established by Seon Master Daehaeng Sunim (a female Seon master widely respected throughout Korea) in 1972, and part of the Jogye Order of Korean Buddhism – the largest Buddhist Order in Korea with a history stretching back over 1,200 years.


‘Seon’ is the Korean word for ‘Zen’, and Master Daehaeng’s teaching is to realize and awaken to our inherent nature, sometimes called Buddha-nature, inherent mind, or Juingong.


Daehaeng Kun Sunim teaches people to “Believe in your foundation, Juingong, and entrust it with everything that confronts you. Then go forward while observing and

experimenting with what you experience.”


The Bangkok branch of Hanmaum Seon was established ten years ago and serves the spiritual needs of Korean residents and visitors in the city. It is very much a centre of the Korean Buddhist community, and many families attend regularly with children of all ages.


The centre is run by two resident female sunims (monks) and hold regular weekly ceremonies and teachings. Although at present all activities are carried out in the Korean language only, the centre hopes to have some activities in English in the future if there is any demand for such.


The details:


Date: Friday May 8th



9am onwards – Arrival

10am to 12 – Ceremony

6pm to 8pm – Lotus Lantern Festival



The Bangkok Hanmaum Seon Centre

86-1 Soi 4 Sukhumvit 63

BTS – Ekamai

Exit 1


You leave the Ekkamai Skytrain station at exit 1, on the side opposite the Bus Terminal. The temple is in Sukhumvit 63. A short way down 63 on the right you will see soi 4. Go all the way to end of soi 4 and it’s on your left.


You can get a motorbike taxi from the BTS station, just ask for the Korean Temple (wat gowlee). It’s only a few minutes away and should cost just 10 or 20 baht.


A few points to note:


* There are no bare feet in Korean temples, it would be much appreciated if those wishing to come will remember to bring socks!


* The ceremony will be in Korean. Although some transcribed versions will be available for some parts of the ceremony, and a translator will be available on the day, all the chants will be carried out in Korean.


* Korean bowing is very different to Thai bowing, and there will be a lot of it in the temple. No need to worry though, someone will show you how to perform a Korean bow, and you can just follow along!


* This is a good chance here in Bangkok to participate in a Zen Buddhist temple performing the most important ceremony of the year. See you on the 8th.

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  1. Hi,

    Thank you so much for making the details available here!

    It would be lovely if people who are interested in Korean Buddhism / Zen Buddhism can come along.

    If nothing else, it will give the good people there an idea of how much interest there might be from people outside the immediate Korean community.

    Plus, of course, it will be a wonderful day and a great way to celebrate Vesak!

    Hope to see you there!


  2. Hi,

    Thank you to those who came along! I’m sure you’ll agree that it was a beautiful and inspiring celebration!

    My report is in the usual place:

    and I’m pleased to say that it’s looking more and more likey that the Centre will be able to hold a regular (monthly?) English-language Seon group.

    No solid details yet, but as soon as something is arranged, I’ll let everyone know!

    Thank you again to those that came along, and to the wonderful Littlebang site!

    With palms together,


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