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A message from Jeff Oliver, who will be back in Bangkok next week and leading a meditation session at the beautiful Ariyasom Bangkok Boutique Hotel, Sukhumvit 1.

 Jeff has also made his book on Vipassana available online for free – see below.

Dear Friends,

here is another update on my movements this year in case you’re interested…

Now I’m in Turkey and just finished a very successful 11 day retreat with about 20 people. Currently in Istanbul for 2 weeks and I have sessions and workshops everyday, sometimes twice a day.

This year I went to Burma and did a retreat with a new teacher and learnt MANY new things which are proving very popular and practical for everyone, especially myself

I will be in BKK on 26th May till 1st June. I will conduct a half day session and evening talk in Ariyasom Villa on Sukumvit soi 1 on the 28th May. Pls come along, it will be great to see you again. Pls visit website for details:

Unfortunately, my temporary accommodation in Bangkok has finished and again I am looking for a private place to leave my stuff, preferrably for free or very cheap. If you know of anything pls let me know very soooon! Thanks for your consideration…

In June, I will be at home with friends and family and practicing surfing meditation

In July I have a 9 day retreat at Bodhi Tree, see

During August, I will have a 9 day retreat in Czech Republic, quite suitable for European and Turkish friends…

In September / October, I will be in Turkey for more workshops and retreats.

November, I am in Czech Rep again for a retreat and after that I will return to Turkey with no further invitations this year or next, I will be freeeee!

May you and your family and friends be freeeeee!

May all beings be freeeee!

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These two files outline Vipassana meditation as taught by Jeff in retreats and workshops, based on his time with Revered Burmese master U Janaka. Jeff has an easy going style and presentation, using accessible language and including lots of good tips for the keen meditator. Enjoy. Any comments or feedback can be added to this blog or sent via the Contact page to be forwarded to Jeff.

Jeff Oliver on Vipassana Part1

Jeff Oliver on Vipassana Part2

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  1. Dear Jeff,

    Nice to hear that you are coming to BKK.
    You are most welcome to keep your stuff at our place.
    you can E mail me or call (+66)0819299937



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