WBU Forum May 2009

The Irrepressible Phra Mick

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Programme :      WBU SUNDAY FORUM                              


Topic :               ‘All of Our Enemies are in Our Minds.’


Date & Time :    May  3, 2552(2009), 12:00 – 13.30 : P.M.                 


Speaker :            Ven. Phra Mick Ratanapanyo Bhikkhu   



About the speaker


Name:             Phra Mick Ratanapanyo Bhikkhu
Nationality:   Australian
Ordination Branch: Australian Theravada
Years of Ordination: 6


Phra Mick Ratanapanyo Bhikkhu is a Thai-born Australian monk who currently resides at Wat Avut Vikkasittaram in Bangplad, Bangkok Province.  He has been the man of Theravardan robe since June 2003, ordaining for short period specifically for his mother in Sydney, Australia.

With social racism pressed against him, leading to violence and lengthy records of negligent behaviours, as well as being black-listed in the Australian Police Database, Phra Mick Ratanapanyo knew all too well about the life of suffering and crime.  Three short months of ordination changed him rapidly.  It helped him confront his own worst enemies… anger, greed, pride, ego, fear and Self.


All  previously mentioned topics such as Mental Movies, The Meaning of Life, The Conning Mind and Buddhism – The Last Con were all based on these original findings.



Talk Details:


Sunday May 3, 2552(2009) from 12.00-13.30 P.M.


Location :
Meeting Room, the World Buddhist University, 3rd floor, WFB Headquarters Bldg., in Benjasiri Park, Sukhumvit 24, Bangkok, Time : 12.00-13.30 pm. All are welcome to join the programme free of charge. For more information, please call 02-258-0369 to -0373, fax 02-258-0372, or see www.wb-university.org.

The WBU shares the same building with the WFB (World Fellowship of Buddhists), and can be found by our maps below. It is on the third floor. The WBU is open most office hours, and the building can be entered from the rear of the building from the Soi. The front gate that faces the park is generally locked, but there is access to walk through to the rear.

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