WBU workshop July 4th

Sunday July 4th, the WBU workshop from 2 – 5pm will be led by Australian Bhikkhu Venerable Dhammadarsa, who is a student at the monk’s university and a former resident of Bodhi Tree temple (where Ven Pannyavaro is abbot).

Thrifty with his information all the hints he gave of himself and the topic he will present is:


I would like to present a different, I believe, a more practical look at the Buddha’s teaching come to by exclusively focussing on Sutta and Vinaya texts, with special reference to ethics [siila]. This is from a Westerner’s perspective

Location :

Meeting Room, the World Fellowship of Buddhists (WFB) Headquarters Bldg., in Benjasiri Park, Sukhumvit 24, Bangkok, Time :  All are welcome to join the programme free of charge.

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    WFB/WBU Building   Wide area Skytrain map