WFB Workshop – Sept. 2009

The afternoon Talk/Meditation at the WFB this month will be led by our very own Ajahn Wimoak. This adds us up a lot happening the first weekend of September. The keen can attend both the WBU Forum led by Alan Oliver (who helped get ‘littlebang’ going 3 years back) from 12- 1:30, and then go downstairs for Ajahn Wimaok.

Note: Ajahn Wimoak teaches regularly in Bangkok, so there will be lots more opportunities to meditate with him every month.

At the WFB Headquarters, Sukhumvit 24

2pm to 5 pm with talk, meditation, coffee break and Q&A

Ajahn Wimoak is a Thai monk, ucrrently writing (or more likely putting off writing) his dissertation for a Phd in Buddhist Studies, MCU. He has very good English and a genial, informal manner of speaking. Not to mention a kind heart. His focus is always on mindfulness of body (kayakata sati) in sitting still, and while moving the body.

All W.F.B. events are free of charge.

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