Workshop photos

A few photos from our one day meditation workshop with mindfulness and vipassana teacher Jeff Oliver, in Bangkok, Thailand.This dharma center sits there empty all year long – what a pity Luang Phor Viriyang of Wat Dhammamonkhol said we can’t use it – he would rather no one use it at all!!!

Below: a couple of photos from the one day workshop with Jeff Oliver. The centre we used was quiet and ideal in every way. Food was excellent and thanks to the owner for providing this and the rest of the facilities for us free of charge. There was less meditation than promised, but we let Jeff lead proceedings in the way that he feels best, and a positive experience was had by all. Seasoned meditators are accustomed to patient sitting, but it takes practise to get there.

It is our first time arranging such a workshop, and there are some things we can improve and change for next time. For example a number of people thought 5pm would be a better finishing time (gives time to get ready for Saturday night on the town .. ?) The airconditioning can always be adjusted – it seems there were hot and cold spots in the room. Of course micro-management or constant adjusting is distracting, but do mention if something like this is a problem so we can fix it.

Meditation is getting more popular these days. Practically every magazine you open has a picture of someone meditating in it, to conjour images of peace in an advert, or as part of an article. Sometimes though, the practise of it can be hard work. It takes time to get past the idea that every time you sit will be blissful and peaceful.

Anyway, the Centre we used was spacious and quiet, and we started the day with 37 participants.

Click images if you would like a larger view…Vipassana meditation with Jeff Oliver.


The more elderly took chance of a quiet time to take 40 winks:

not sleeping - lying down posture for meditation

Walking meditation: the floor tiles are designed to form walking meditation paths across the rooms.

Afternoon break – lots of space on the open roof:

one day workshop for mindfulness and Buddhist meditation