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Zen Club Meet Oct 3 — 6 Comments

  1. Hi Littlebang,

    Thank you so much for letting us know of the next meeting of the Zen Club!

    Just one little correction – believe it or not, but we’re still on Chapter two! We’ve found a lot in it to discuss!

    Thank you again and with palms together,


  2. Hi Sandra,

    Thank you for that – and such a pity you won’t be able to make the Saturday night.

    After October the 3rd the next meeting will probably (but not yet confirmed) be November the 7th. Basically, the first Sturday in every month. Hope to see you there!

    All beings – one Buddha-nature,


  3. Hello, is the Zen meeting on the Saturday or on the Sunday 4th October. If it is on the Sunday I will be flying in from Australia and would like to come. can you let me know. thanks. sandra

  4. Hi,

    I’ve just discovered that next weekend is not only the regular meeting of the Bangkok Seon Club (October the 3rd) but also the Korean Chuseok holiday, so we’ll be celebrating by starting an hour earlier, at 6pm, with traditional Korean tea and cake.

    The regular meeting will still start at 7pm sharp with some sitting meditation as usual followed by discussion with Kun Hyaedan Sunim, but if people can make it at six we’ll be celebrating Chusok with some great Korean treats, and good conversation. Come along if you are able!

    With palms together,