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Zen Club Meet: Sat 27th Feb — 4 Comments

  1. Hi,

    I am a Lay Minister of the Order of Buddhist Contemplatives (Soto Zen). I am over for a week from the UK and I am reading No River to Cross.
    Would be OK/appropriate for me to come along on Saturday?

    In gassho,

    Andi Sinclair OBC

    • Of course you are welcome to join. Also for our other activities – especially Monday, as I will get chance to meet you then too.

  2. Hi Andi Sinclair OBC,

    Wonderful! It will be good to see you!

    The Bangkok Seon Club is a pretty small group – and yet also (like most English-language Dharma events in Bangkok) very diverse, with people coming along from all kinds of different backgrounds and traditions. It will be fabulous to have you there.

    Some of us (but not the Sunims though as they have to get up early the next morning) usually go out for a late dinner afterwards too if you’d care to join us. See you on Saturday!


    Marcus / Seok Jeong

  3. Hi,

    A big thank you to Hyaedan Sunim, Mrs Nam, Young, Arthur, Kirsten, Andi from the Order of Buddhist Contemplatives, and to everyone at the Bangkok Hanmaum Seonwon for a wonderful and very inspiring Seon Club meeting last night.

    The next meeting of the Bangkok English-language Seon Club will be on Saturday, March the 27th. Same place, same time, more wonderful teachings, practice, and sharing. Open to anyone interested in Seon / Zen Buddhism.

    And thank you again Andi for coming along last night and all the best for the rest of your week in Bangkok. Hopefully see you at the Littlebang meditation group tomorrow!

    With palms together,

    Marcus / Seok Jeong