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Zen club meet – Sat Sept 5th — 2 Comments

  1. HI, dear compiler

    Hope you are well and happy today!?

    Sadly I’m down south.. and far from the various interesting events covered by the excellent ‘little bang’….

    However, I would like to do a bit of a retreat in September, and heard about a nun setting up a monastery and International centre in Rayong

    I noticed a nun was mentioned in a recent post on your site, at what sounds like an interesting meeting at he Korean Zen centre:

    “Dr. Lee Bhikkhuni (American) from the Women’s International Meditation Centre in Rayong”

    ….sounds lik e the same place??

    Would you happen to have any details you could forward to me?
    (names, address,location, tel, email,etc most welcome) and any personal insight you may have into what goes on there!?

    take care… always

    Koh Pah-ngan,