Monday evenings

at DMG Books, Amarin Tower



Are you a meditator? Are you curious about the roots of Thai culture? Do you just want to find out a little on the beguiling Thai Buddhism? 

Or do you want to kick start your meditation practise back into gear?

This is the time to do it! For 7 weeks we meet high up at the cool and quiet DMG books near Chit Lom BTS. Mark the Monday evenings in your calendar. Everyone is welcome to join this series of dharma talks with Bangkok’s busiest British Buddhist monk Pandit Cittasamvaro. 

There’s no charge, and no need to book in advance. The talks will be light, accessible, and hopefully, somewhat entertaining. Just bring your curiosity.


ชาวต่างชาติมาเที่ยวชมประเทศไทย ไปเที่ยววัด ถ่ายรูปแต่ไม่ได้มีโอกาสได้เรียนรู้วัฒนธรรมไทยที่มีพื้นฐานมาจากศาสนาพุทธที่แท้จริง ช่วงหน้าพรรษานี้ มีโอกาสพิเศษที่พระชาวอังกฤษจะจัดงานบรรยายธรรมะเป็นภาษาอังกฤษ ให้ชาวต่างชาติที่สนใจ

พระบัณทิต เป็นพระนักเทศน์ที่สามารถบรรยายธรรมะให้ฟังเข้าใจง่ายและสนุกสนานสำหรับชาวต่างชาติ
งานนี้จัดขึ้น ในบรรยากาศที่เป็นกันเองเงียบสงบ และไม่เสียค่าใช้จ่าย

ขอขอบคุณคุณดนัย จันทรเจ้าฉายที่สนับสนุนการจัดงานในครั้งนี้

งานนี้จัดขึ้นทั้งหมด ครั้ง โดยมีหัวข้อบรรยายแต่งต่างกันไปในแต่ละครั้ง
ทุกวันจันทร์ เริ่ม สิงหาคม ถึง 15 กันยายน
เวลา 18.30-20.15 น. ที่ บริษัท DMG ชั้น 22 อาคาร อมรินทร์ บีทีเอส ชิดลม ทางออก 2.



This year’s theme is all about ‘Why Meditate’? There are lots of health reasons, lots of books published on the ‘miracle of mindfulness’, and lots of people who would like to reduce stress. 

Yoga, Qi Gong and Tai Chi practitioners all appreciate the role that meditation plays in wellness and balance. 

But stillness of the mind, and the clarity that comes from patience and wakefulness, speaks to it’s own reason for being! The best reason of all, is to Meditate because you want to! 


The Dhamma Talks

Each week covers a separate topic – about Meditation, Dharma, and Buddhism. You don’t need to be an expert – the speaker is very clear and easy to understand. 

There is a progression to the topics, but since each week is a separate subject you will be able to follow even if you can’t make it every week. Still, the talks are laid out with the idea of following all 7 occasions so do your best to make them all.

Within a few days of each talk the summary and notes will be posted up on www.littlebang.org in case there were any references you wanted to follow up. 

The talk topics, like “Meditate Because you Want To”, “Not Thinking, Inside the Box” and “Feed-forward Loop” : are outlined on the TALK TOPICS page here.topics-icon


The Occasion

Why Now? This time of the year is special in the Buddhist calendar – it is the time that the Buddha himself told his monks not to travel away from their monasteries for the 3 months of the Rains. This tradition actually pre-dates the Buddha though – it was practised by many groups of renunciates and meditators in India going back probably more than 3000 years. 

It is called the ‘Vassa’ (Pali) or ‘Pansa’ (Thai) or the Rains Retreat (English). Since the monks would stay in one place over the period it has always been a special time of learning, study, and meditation practise. In Buddhist countries many people make special vows or undertakings for the 3 months. 

Such as to give up smoking, or do meditation every day. Or anything else, holy or otherwise! This is why it is often called ‘Buddhist Lent’. 

You are invited to make a special committment too – come join us to boost your meditation, explore some new ideas, or just improve your understanding of Thai culture.


The Speaker

PanditPandit Cittasamvaro is Bangkok’s busiest Western Buddhist monk. In fact there are a few hundred westerners who have taken long-term ordination living in Thailand – but they all would rather spend time in remote and strict forest temples. They all avoid Bangkok! Yes, Bangkok is the wild frontier of Buddhism, where meditation and spiritual pursuits are hard to find. 

Pandit Bhikkhu has been living in the temples since age 24. Starting in the temples of the renowned teacher Ajahn Chah in the UK, he ordained in Thailand in 1996. Completing a degree in psychology, he is currently (not really) writing his MA thesis for a Masters in Buddhist Studies. Other interests range from vertical axis turbines, Thorium Nuclear power, and Faerie Tales. 

Since 2007 he has been organising Dharma talks, meditaiton and other related events in the wilderness of Bangkok.



This year we are kindly hosted by DMG books, located near to Chit Lom BTS. It is cool and quiet up in their spacious meeting rooms on the 22nd floor of Amarin tower. Much appreciation to the venue for kindly providing facilities so we can gather for this series of talks.

  • 6:30pm Gather at the DMG office meeting hall
  • 6:50 Dharma Talk and short meditation
  • 7:50 Questions, announcements and wrap-up
  • 8:15 finish.

Above: Past events, Dharma Hall at DMG 

text-dividerGetting there

DMG is close to Chid Lom BTS Station. it is located on the 22nd floor – be sure to take the elevator from the ground floor – the elevators in Amarin Plaza only go up to the 5th floor. Follow the map below – it is very clear and precise. Click on it for a printable version.


So what’s left to say? It’s been 3 years since the last dhamma talk series – how long before the next one! See you there Monday 3rd August and onwards ……….