Cat banned from prison visit

Cat banned from visiting Buddhist inmate

A Buddhist bank robber has been refused permission for his cat to visit him in jail – even though he says it’s the reincarnation of his mum.

Peter Keonig, 46, is serving five-years for armed robberies in Whirl, Germany, reports the Daily Telegraph.

He went to court to demand the right for his cat Gisela to be allowed to visit him in jail “because she is my dead mum”.

Buddhists believe that people come back as other animals after death.

He said: “I know it is mummy. She looks after me just the way she did. I need to see her like other prisoners see their wives and children.”

The court ruling said: “While we respect the religious freedom of individuals, the accused has not been able to furnish proof that his deceased mother has been reborn in a cat. Therefore, the request for visiting rights for the feline is rejected.”

The court did say he would be allowed to write to the cat.