Buddhist Psychos, September 3rd

Buddhist Psychos – Saturday 3rd September

Be there, or be analysed

Continuing the tradition for artful cappuccino discussions relating to Buddhism and Psychology (or any other topic) all ‘Buddhist Psychos’ are invited to meet, caffeinate and trade ideas on Saturday 3rd September at our new, and most excellent venue – India Chaat.

It doesn’t really matter if you have a background in psychology, Buddhist, both/neither – it’s always good fun swapping ideas on these or other subjects with fellow Bangkokians… so anyone is most welcome to join. Don’t be intimidated!

September meeting we will look at the whole book of ‘The Little Prince’

Date : Saturday September 3rd

Time : 1:30 – 3:30 pm [if you are eating please do so before or after the meeting time!!]

After a failed previous attempt at detailing Jungian archetypes in this story, and after the impressive dedication of participants in reading the whole text – this time round we will look at the whole book.

Why is it so popular and ubiquitous? Why does Georges dislike it so much? What possible lessons or relevance to Buddhism does it have? These, and any other questions are waiting for our penetrating discussion!

The Little Prince

by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

According to Wikipedia it is the 8th best selling book the world has ever known (with some interesting other top 10 titles), translated into 190 different languages.

A number of versions are available online for free by googling about, or else you can get several types of file of the book by clicking here.

Here is one version  I have uploaded for you, that is a little hard to find, that is very spacious, and so excellent for ipad/tablet/kindle readers .. (not good for printing out though) Antoine de Saint Exupery – The Little Prince


The all new, but thoroughly road-tested venue of India Chaat Restaurant is the destination. Fabulous Indian Vegetarian food made fresh to order. But be warned – orders take a while to arrive. Please eat before or after the meeting – we don’t want the waiters interrupting the whole way through! (Pandit will be there 11am for his lunch). There’s Indian Chai, Lassi and other drinks – all at extremely reasonable prices.

click the image below for a larger (and clearer) version.

No time yet to do a really fancy, awesome graphic such as Little Bang is famous for, but in the meantime you might find it easier to figure out by the following map. In short you can go from Phrom Phong station via Suk 31, or you can go from Asoke via Suk 23 (the latter option is best for taking a 40 baht taxi). It is a 16 minute walk from Asoke or Phrom Phong. Of course, there is the motorcycle option too, if  you dare.

This place is well worth the effort – cheap, good food, and a nice private room for us. We will be going here often!

Just to make it as easy as possible for you to find, here is the outside of the restaurant:

The Buddhist Psychos

This monthly meeting was started by the late Dr Holly – a Little Bangkok Sangha founder who practised and taught counselling for many years. An indomitable lady who charmed the pants off everyone she met, and who sported a mischievous sense of humour – she coined the phrase ‘Buddhist Psychos’. We continue her tradition for meeting up for open discussion – which is a great way to get to know each other, and is a welcome change from the formal dhamma talk format. Here, everyone gets a say!

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  1. I thought I saw that there would be a Buddhist psycho event today Saturday 14th July, but I’ve just looked and it seems to have disappeeared off the website. If anyone gets this in time (unlikely I know!) please woudl you let me know if it’s been cancelled or if its still happening. Thank you 🙂

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