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  1. It is worth repeating that to the Indian mind, rebirth was not a story that gave hope of personal continuity after death, but was something that instinctively was to be avoided – that you will always be fighting to survive, suffering and being bounced around an uncertain universe until you come to tackle the deeper spiritual issue of Liberation. Only recently in the West has rebirth come to be seen as a false story promising you immortality.
    Indian philosophy holds that only enlightenment (nibbana, liberation of the mind…) is actually stable, unchanging and not subject to death.

  2. The problem that remains for me is the Buddhist negation of transmigration. I ask, if something (a person?) is not tagged by past actions for consideration in the next life, how can any negative or positive karma reemerge in the new life (the new baby?) ? My slang way is to ask “Who or what keeps score?”
    If the essense of the newly dead melts into one big pot, how can the later born pick up where it left off in he earlier lives?
    I am also contemplating my other own question … if everything always is, what does this mean for idea of karma?

  3. Maybe I need a Mac to read my mind for me 🙂
    ‘Where’ Karma (or memory) is stored is one of the big questions that the 18 Buddhist schools battled with for hundreds of years, with varying answers. But we can see the patterns of something, without knowing exactly how – for instance we can time the tide with extreme accuracy, without knowing it is caused by the Moon’s gravity.