A. Pannyavaro at Dhammodaya (in Thai)

Visiting Australian Bhikkhu Ven. Pannyavaro will continue his busy Bangkok Schedule in Nakhon Pathum at the Dhammodaya Centre on Sunday 16th and Monday 17th May. Teaching will be in English with Thai translation.

Ven Pannyavaro

Vipassana and Metta meditation

Sunday 16th – Monday 17th May

Dhammodaya Centre, Nakhon Pathum

In English with Thai translation


The mini-weekend will focus on practical meditation skills, as taught by Ven. Pannyavaro. He will have time to work individually with participants, with an aim to working through the difficulties people may have with practice.

Please book your place by calling Khun Nae in Thai or English on  081 810 9632  

Or use the form at the end of this page to book by email

Ven Pannyavaro is abbot of Bodhi Tree Monastery.  For a bio of Ajahn Pannyavaro click here

You will have to check details by calling the number above, but roughly the  activities should start around 9 am on the Sunday, and finish around 3 pm on the Monday. Schedule will be typical Mahasi Sayadaw style with sitting/walking/instructions for most of the day, with noble silence, and all activity carried out slowly.

There is no charge for events at Dhammodaya – it is by donation only. There is lots of vegetarian food served.

Dhammodaya is a Mahasi Sayadaw based practise Centre with various English speaking teachers, both Burmese and Western,  trained in Burma under Sayadaw U Janaka.It is located just outside Bangkok and conducts retreats frequently throughout the year as and when the teachers are available. U Janaka was a disciple of Mahasi Sayadaw himself, and has numerous centres around the world. The approach focuses much on Metta meditation as an aid to Insight. Most of the teachers speak fluent English, which is translated for Thais.

Dhammodaya does not have a website of its own, relying instead on phone and email contact, and the extensive network of the YBAT organisation of Bangkok, and other contacts. The retreats are almost always in English, or English + Thai, with experienced teachers under the tutelage of Sayadaw U Janaka.

On the maps below you can also see Wat SongDhamma Kalyani – which is the temple of Bhikkhuni Dhammananda, where you can visit, and lay-women can stay.

Dhammodaya Chanmyay Meditation Centre 45/1 Mu4 Tambol Tanond-krat, Ampur Maung, Nakorn Pathom73000 Thailand Tel: 08-1-8109632   E-mail : Contact littlebang via the contact page and we’ll forward to Dhammodaya directly . There’s a Testimony blog by Cindy here with some description of the facilities.

Map to Dhammodaya Meditation CentreHighway to Nakhon PathomDhammodaya Centre/Wat Songdhammakalyani

 Note: the google earth maps have North at the top, where the Dhammodaya graphic map has north to the right (oddly enough).

To get there: go to Bahn Phaew, just before Nakhon Pathom. It is 50 ish km along Petch Kasem Road which runs all the way from Thonburi, Bangkok. You can take any air con bus to Nakhon Pathom from the Southern Bus Terminal, just make sure they let you off at Bahn Phaew (also spelled Baan Paew) – takes about 1 hour (slighly longer for the 83) and should be around 50 baht.

OR from Victory Monument take orange aircon bus 515 (THB 22) from Rajvithee Hospital bus stop, tell the conductor that you want to get off at Mahidol University, Salaya Campus. Then cross the overhead pedestrian bridge. On the other side there is a bus stop in front of the 7-Eleven. Take the white with pink/lavender stripe aircon provincial bus going to Nakorn Pathom (THB 27) and make sure you tell the conductor/driver that you want to get off at See-Yaek-Baan-Paew (Baan-Paew Intersection).

From there you can hail a passing taxi, or if you are game, the motorcycles under the bridge at Bahn Phaew know the way to the Centre, and charge 50 baht.

Getting back to Bangkok – If you have been on a retreat at the centre there will be others to return with. Otherwise ask Khun Nay to arrange for a motorcycle taxi to pick you up from Dhammodaya and take you to the main road – from there you can take a taxi or catch one of many busses or minivans

Booking by email

Please enter your name, nationality, email, phone number and roughly what experience you have meditating. The details are not displayed on this web site, and will be confidential. After clicking SEND the email will be sent and Khun Nae will get back to you soon after.