8 Week Abhidhamma Course
Saturday mornings at Ekkamai
From Saturday August 29 … for 8 weeks

with Phra Seth Abhijato


For the very keen we will hold an Abhidhamma course for 8 weeks. Abhidhamma is the philosophical/psychological structure of the Buddhist universe.

Meetings will be Saturday mornings at the Little Bangkok Meditation Centre, Ekkamai, 9:45-11:15

Phra Seth is a good scholar of Buddhism, and will take you through the basic foundation of Abhidhamma.

There is no set charge for this course, but please note that the teacher is coming from Ayutthaya area to teach this course each week, so do help together to cover the travelling expenses.

  • Saturday 29th August
  • Saturday 5th, 12th, 19th, 26th September
  • Saturday 3rd 10th, 17th October


About Abhidhamma:

The historical Buddha gave teachings in what are called ‘suttas’ – or short teachings to particular people he met. He also gave a series of codes of conduct for the monks to follow called ‘Vinaya’. Some time later Buddhist schools put these teachings together into a reasonably coherent whole, which was called ‘Abhidhamma’, or ‘higher’ dhamma. Together these three sets of teachings are called the ‘Three Baskets‘ or Tripitaka.


The Abhidhamma itself comprises 7 books, which are mostly very inaccessible to all but lifelong dedicated scholars. However, about 700 years ago, a Burmese monk put together a manual outlining the understanding of the world through the Abhidhamma format. This is a small book, but very thorough. It is much used today as an entry level approach.

In this system you will find most of the terms and ideas from the suttas, put together in a systematic way.

Now, you need to be quite keen – this is not a dhamma talk program. We don’t expect large crowds for this course. There are quite a few long lists of physical and mental qualities to work through and put together. But if you are familiar with Buddhism, and interested to enter into the methodical and academic teachings, then sign up.

The standard Abhidhamma manual described above is called the Abhidhammattha Sangaha, and can be downloaded for free here. But it probably won’t make too much sense until the teacher has taken you through it step by step.


Phra Seth Abhijato


Phra Seth ordained at Wat Thewaratkunchon in 2012.

He sometimes updates his blog, called Monkmoot and has his CV online here

He’s an aspiring scholar and graduate student at Mahaculalongkorn (Sangha) University who specializes in the Abhidhamma Pitaka and the Visuddhimagga, and especially in the phenomenological aspects of Buddhist psychology. His academic focus is primarily on Buddhist ontology, Buddhist metaphysics, and Buddhist epistemology.

Phra Seth Abhijato also teaches undergraduate Buddhist Theory at Mahaculalongkorn University where he has published articles for the university as well as other journals. Phra Seth Abhijato believes that academic study, especially of the Ahidhamma, must be combined with rigorous meditation in order to fully appreciate the subtle and sophisticated matrix of the buddha’s teachings.


What You Need

Please sign up for this course – it will help you make the decision to commit, and will help us prepare the room for you. We have a limit of 20 participants.

Usually people write and ask if they can attend just some of the classes – but in this case it is really not practical, as you will be unable to follow the information that way. It’s an all or nothing kinda course!

Should you miss a week, you’ll have to talk to the lecturer about any recordings.

Your level of knowledge about Buddhism(required)



Walk from Exit one Ekkamai BTS Station about 4 minutes. At the second soi on the left you will see Bourbon St. Restaurant – we’re next to that. Come up to the top floor.