Advertising on Littlebang

No, we are not selling advertising space (but open to offers 🙂 )

Occasionally WORDPRESS inserts adverts into their free blogs to make revenue. Adverts are few and far between, and they are hidden from the actual blogger – so only others will see inserted adverts.

There was one recently for the Silva meditation discs … or some such thing.

The website reads:

Now anyone can experience Deep, Monk-Like Meditation – Instantly and Effortlessly

Needless to say, there’s no way this would have appeared on Littlebang, other than being snuck in as a stealth ad from WORDPRESS. It’s a blatant scam … and on the off chance that it actually does work, it is still a blatant scam  – since it puts us monks out of business.

Still, it is a pretty good service from WordPress. They make all the software available free to install on your own domain, and only add the ads to the blogs hosted on their own servers, which is fair enough.

Thanks to kind support from Ram, we actually do have our own server space. But it all takes time to figure out how to move all the files over and set up the WordPress software on a remote server. But the day is coming when we are totally self reliant.

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  1. Those discs are the best thing since sliced bread. I sit on them every night (one under each buttock) and have been instantly and effortlessly monk-like ever since! Keep those ads coming!

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