Ajahn Jayasaro Talk – English

ON Sunday 5th September, 2010 Ajahn Jayasaro will give a talk in English for the Museum Volunteers Group, at his residence in Pak Chong (about 1.5 hours from Bangkok).

All are welcome to attend.

The mini-van is now full. If you wish to drive you are welcome to meet us in front of Starbucks at Robinson’s car park – if you have seats spare and would like to offer them to others, please let us know by the entry box below and we will try and make the arrangement.

Ajahn Jayasaro

.. should not need any introduction. He was born on the Isle of Wight in 1958. He joined Ajahn Sumedho’s community for the Rains Retreat as an anagarika in 1978. In November of that year he left for Wat Pa Pong in Northeast Thailand where he ordained as a novice in the following year, and as a bhikkhu in 1980 with Venerable Ajahn Cha as his preceptor. From 1997 until 2002 Ajahn Jayasaro was the Abbot of Wat Pa Nanachat.

He is hugely popular and sought after speaker, whose dhamma is always refreshing and to the point. It is well worth the trip out to this great location on the cool Kao Yai mountainside, to join this event.

If you are interested to go please enter details below. There will be mini-vans, and possibly a car or two going up. If you are driving yourself, you can  meet and follow the convoy from Robinsons.


If you book a place, please be ABSOLUTELY SURE  you will be going. It is very difficult arranging transport if people don’t book until the last minute, cancel or don’t turn up.

There is no charge for the event other than food and transport.

  • Mini-vans will leave promptly at 9:30am from Robinson’s car park, diagonally opposite the Thai Cultural Centre. If you take the underground get out at the Thai Cultural Centre stop.
  • The group will stop for lunch in a pleasant restaurant at Pak Chong, or you can take your own food along too.
  • The talk is at 1:30 for about an hour.
  • Should be back in Bangkok around 4:30pm (more exact details will be mailed later)

Book your place

Mini-van cost is 300 baht/person. Please pay in advance to book your place (can pay at Ariyasom on Mondays or any other of our events.).

Please enter your Name and phone number below – after hitting submit you will be returned to this page; don’t worry, your message will have gone through and we’ll get back to you in a day or so. Details are kept private and don’t appear on this page:

We had a Dhamma talk with Ajahn Jayasaro kindly hosted by Baan Aree last November : click here for the photos

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4 replies on “Ajahn Jayasaro Talk – English”

  1. I am interested but can I and my wife go on our own? Our work is half way there from Bangkok so we’re thinking of spending a night in Pak Chong on Sep. 4th rather than coming back to Bangkok on Saturday only to drive long distance back the same direction next morning. I can share ride with others on our way back to Bangkok.

    Is it true Ajahn Jayasaro lives in a cave in that area? And for how long?

    1. Sure, you can go by yourself. I am not sure of the way though, and will have to find someone who can tell you or draw a map. Ajahn Jayasaro lives in a nice Kuti (hut) in a very nice parkland private plot of land. He has several acres to himself. Ajahn Sumano lived in a cave up in that area, but I gather he has developed it extensively, now that he is in his late 60s. Phra Frank knows more about him than I do.

  2. Hello,

    Is there a way to contact Ven. Ajahn Jayasaro directly? I am based in the US and am unable to attend his functions.

    Thank You.
    With Metta
    — Sannaka

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