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Annapurna – Meet and Eat — 8 Comments

    • No – there is nowhere handy to park – there are a couple of private spaces in the posh little malls… but it is not handy for parking so far as I have seen.

  1. I recycled the announcement from the last Meet and Eat – saves writing a new one each time! That’s why old comments are here.
    But when I do this the people subscribed via WORDPRESS don’t get the announcement (and complain) so I guess I’d better write a new post each time from now on.

  2. besides – I really like the avatars that wordpress assigns! They are individual, and generated from your email address.

  3. Yeah! I’ll be back by then. I’m looking forward to it already. (And BTW, how come all these outdated comments are still showing up for this event?)