Asalha Puja – Jeff Oliver at Ariyasom

July 15th is an auspicious day in Buddhism – Asalha Puja – which commemorates the first teaching of the Buddha.

This teaching was the Dhammacakka Sutta – the “Turning of the Wheel of Dharma” and it outlined the central teaching of Buddhism – the Four Noble Truths.

The day also marks entering the ‘Pansa’ or ‘Vassa’ period, sometimes called ‘Buddhist Lent’. It is a 3 month Rains Retreat period where monks and nuns stay in one place to intensify their study and practise together.

This year we welcome Australian Meditation Teacher Jeff Oliver, who’ll give a talk on this topic for us.

Event is free of charge, and there is no need for advance booking:

Friday July 15th

Asalha Puja (Public Holiday)

5:00 pm – 8:pm

Gather, meditation, dhamma talk and Q&A

with Jeff Oliver

At Ariyasom Villa Boutique Hotel, Bangkok



Jeff Oliver is a full time meditation teacher, running retreats, workshops and talks in many countries, especially Turkey, where monks find it difficult to travel. He was a student of Sayadaw U Janaka, one of the world’s biggest figures in the Mahasi Sayadaw (Burmese) meditation lineage, including being a monk for some 8 years.

Jeff has done plenty of talks for our group, and should be well known to regulars. He is a lively and interesting speaker.


Could not be easier to get to – go down Sukhumvit Soi One, right to the end, and Ariyasom is on the left.

Click the map for an even larger view (note that this map is proportional to actual distance, and has North at the top. It is less than a 10 minute walk from Ploen Chit BTS Station on Sukhumvit One