Beliefs, Doubts, and the 7 Steps to Awakening
@World Fellowship of Buddhists

Sunday 3rd July 2-5pm

  • The WFB holds a monthly session in English (most months). July is with Pandit Bhikkhu at the World Fellowship of Buddhists HQ, Benchasiri Park (emporium).
  • Event is free of charge
  • No need to reserve – there’s plenty of space
  • 2:00 refreshments; 2:15-4:45pm Dharma talk and meditation
  • Phrom Phong BTS



Beliefs, Doubts, and the 7 Steps to Awakening

There are various anthropological, psychological and evolutionary arguments for the ‘opiate of the masses’ – religion. Are supernatural beliefs a route to security? Are we pre-programmed DNA machines?

My answer, who cares what you believe. Beliefs have little to do with it. One of the straightforward maps in Buddhism is the 7 factors of Enlightenment, which take you far beyond simple psychology.

This particular element of Buddhism puts mindfulness into a wider context.


About the Speaker:

One day mindfulness meditation workshop, Bangkok
Pandit Bhikkhu has been organising dharma events in Bangkok via the little Bangkok Sangha meditation group. Ordained as a Buddhist Bhikkhu since 1996, he resides in Bangkok, and holds a degree in Buddhist Studies and Psychology. The talk will be delivered in a clear and comprehensible style.



The World Fellowship of Buddhists world HQ is in Bangkok, behing Benchasiri Park, next to Emporium (Phrom Phong BTS).

The WFB usually holds a dharma talk and meditation in English on the first Sunday of the month.

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  1. Hello Pandit Bhikku,
    This is Deborah asking if you have a resource for learning to write the Sutra Nipata I.8 (Metta Sutta) in Pali language script. I have the transliteration and translation. I need a clear sample of the text in the original written form. Is that in Siddham script?
    If you have a document or site to send me to, I appreciate your help.

    Thank you and see you late July.

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