Buddhist Psychos are back!

Topic: Freud
Weds 2nd October

Continuing the tradition for artful cappuccino discussions relating to Buddhism and Psychology (or any other topic we fancy) all ‘Buddhist Psychos’ are invited to meet, caffeinate and trade ideas on Wednesday 2nd October at Sandeep’s place. There’s plenty of room, and even refreshments stretching to Indian Chai and vegetarian food.


As a special guest psycho we will have Grahame White, who is in Bangkok leading a series of events over the week.

The topic this time is : Freud

Is he relevant? A genius? A terrible Buddhist? A creepy uncle archetype?

This time round we’ll stick to general discussion. At the next meetings we will delve specifically into his consciousness model, his ego model and defense mechanisms. To get things started we’ll watch a 30 minute iconoclastic and rather fun video outlining who he was and what he did/didn’t achieve.

Anyone is welcome. You don’t need a particular background in psychology. You just need to be free on a Wednesday afternoon to swap a few ideas and observations.

It is easy to find – go to Nana BTS, and head down Sukhumvit Soi 6. PSJ Pentouse apartment block in on the left. We’re in 8B


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  1. hi

    i’ll be stopping over for one night on way to give a brief retreat in Philipines.
    Would like to know more about your way – recently i plunged into some psychology study in a brief self-research
    ( Facebook – Ven Rakkhita Samanera )

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