The Cappuccino Club is back
(with masala tea!)

MARJOE: a 1972 Academy Award winning film

Saturday 28th November 12:30-3:30


Meet up for lunch, film and discussion – this time round we look at an amazing film called Marjoe. We showed this some 7 years back, and everyone loved it! It raises a lot of questions, and definitely entertains.


We’ll be in the elegant Indus Restaurant, sukhumvit 26. It is the highest rated Indian restaurant in Bangkok and has great food. They are supporting us with this event at a substantial discount.

The film is about 80 minutes short. Following we’ll discuss the themes it raises

  • 12:30 Meet for lunch (400 baht/person)
  • 3:30 finish

There is no charge for this event, other than the food cost. If you are joining, please join the lunch too – we can’t separate people who are eating and people who are not – it is excellent food at the Indus! And part of this cost is appreciation for the room and facilities.
There is no need to book in advance, but it’d be helpful to mention at one of our meetings if you are intending to go, so we can estimate the numbers.



marjoeSo what is the film about?

Well, bear with me on this.

This is a documentary about a pentecostal Christian preacher called Marjoe. He was born to ‘fire and brimstone’ parents, and given the name Marjoe as a mashup of Mary and Joseph. 

He was trained to be a preacher from the age of 6 years old. Manipulated by his parents to give fiery sermons, he would be sent out into the audience to rake in money offerings. His parents made their living this way. 

Once he was old enough, Marjoe left his family and became a regular 1970s hippie – getting high, and peace on earth etc.. 

But running out of money, at the age of 22 he returned to the preaching circuit to make some money. The only trouble was, he did not believe in all the ‘God Stuff’. 

A born entertainer though, he still succeeded, until that is, he decided he should be exposed. He invited a film crew to follow him, and he gave all the inside secrets on how to make money at preaching. This is where the film picks up.

It raises some great questions. Who is the leader – the preacher or the audience? Marjoe loved to entertain people, but was he wrong to do so in this way? 

We are not meeting to talk Christianity or to compare religions. The themes and questions that the film raises are universal. 

Despite the circumstances in which Marjoe was raised, he turned out to be an incredibly thoughtful, articulate and entertaining individual. 

Come join the event. 



Cappuccino Club

Cappuccino club FEOur ‘Cappuccino Club’ is an informal gathering for meditation yogis and people interested in Buddhism etc… We pick a topic, set required reading that everyone must do beforehand (no one ever does it though!) and meet up for discussion.

This is an alternative format to our usual Dharma talks, and a chance to get to know some of the other faces and what they think.

In the past we had some great discussions on topics like The Bodhisattva Vow, The Little Prince, Interfaith, even Relations with Family! And we did movies like Holy Smoke, The Life of Brian, and documentaries on creativity and consciousness.

You don’t need to be smart, a meditator, or a Buddhist – just come with an open mind.



The Indus Restaurant [website]
#71, Sukhumvit Soi 26
Go to Phrom Phong BTS Station
Walk along Soi 26 for 700 meters (takes 6-8 minutes walking)



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  1. Superb choice. A counterpoint would be The Apostle with Robert Duvall. An imperfect man who is driven to preach.

  2. Many years ago, I was waiting outside a restaurant on Sunset Boulevard in Hollywood for the valet to deliver my car. Waiting for his car as well was Marjoe, along with his date (Candace Bergen). Although i never met him,I know he was well liked in Hollywood in those days.

  3. I should add the movie was interesting and enjoyable. I will be unable to join, as I will be in route to India for a 3 week pilgrimage of the Buddhist Holy Sites.

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