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Course in Tibetan Buddhism – with Dr Georges Dreyfus — 9 Comments

  1. May we attend some of the classes only? Unfortunately I have a conflict of schedule for some of the days.

  2. I’m interested in joining the course.
    Can I ask for a reservation here?

    Best Regards.


  3. class #1 of the ‘Early Tibetan Buddhism Course’ with Dr. George Dreyfus, organized by Phra Pandit Bikkhu of the Little Bangkok Sangha – outstanding class, very interesting and extremely informative!
    It cleared up certain obscurities in Tantric yoga from point of view of Kundalini Yoga (historically and lineage of Yogi Bhajan, from his astral teacher, Guru Ram Das)
    Have tried to share on FB, but it didn’t go.
    Will do again.
    Looking forward to class #2
    Thank you!

  4. Oh, also many thanks for the additional text 3 Vehicles – very clear outline, very helpful, again, outstanding organisation for an excellent topic.
    Appreciated it – really