Cross cultural counselling: talk with Pamela Hongsakul

This following talk focusses more on the practical relationship between spirituality and counseling techniques, rather than the specific tenets of Buddhism

Wednesday 27th February


11:00 am – Lunch

12 noon – Spirit & Society

1:00pm – Spirit & Self

2:00 pm – Break

2:15 pm – Cross-Cultural Counseling

4:15 pm – Meditation

4:30 pm – Suicide Prevention

5:15 pm Conclusion



  • Thai society has witnessed a country in turmoil the past three years, and now the mental health of a whole country is in special danger. What can we do? 
  • Can one phone call make a difference? Pamela Hongsakul thinks so.
  • K Pamela has advised political and business leaders since 2004 – including a governor,
  • 6 MPs, and 4 ministers. Her first career was as a counselor and caseworker in the USA, supervising juvenile delinquents and families in crisis.
  • This special seminar is appropriate for spiritual and counseling professionals. Participants will explore new perspectives and skills, and share ideas on best practices in cross-cultural counseling and suicide prevention.




Samaritans of Thailand Office, 40 Sukhumvit Soi 38, at Thonglor BTS

Lunch is sponsored by the Pharmaceutical Association of Thailand & Samaritans of Thailand

Donations at the door 

RSVP: Tel/Fax: 02-713-6790 by Jan 26th 

(2nd number: 02-712-1627 ext 11, 13)












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