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  1. Cindy & I went to Sangklaburi and attended the Tak Baht Thevo at the Mon Temple (5 syllables, 3 W’s), a lively event, maybe thousands of people dressed in their finery. We gave some of the young women at our hotel a ride to the temple. They excitedly compared shoes they’d bought the night before for the occasion, all encrusted with jewels. There may have been a hundred monks with double the number of assistants grappling with the offerings, followed by a half dozen Maechee (no Temple attendants for them). They began at 9 and were still at it when we left at 11.
    The other seasonal event we witnessed was the hatching of gazillion flying insects called “jeep-ba-gao,” I think. Some time in the night, the cocoons or chrysalis of these bugs coated the Mon Bridge. Most of the bugs had hatched by morning, like very small dragonfly-like insects, double wings, long thin body & two long kite tails out the back. The long bridge had an almost fluffy look with millions of empty cocoons, like tiny empty snake skins, fluttering in the breeze.
    Fascinating phenomena. . . is anyone familiar with this?