December Weekend Retreat

What is a short retreat? a retrealet? Retreatlette? or just a ‘treat ?

Friday Dec 26- Sun 28 December 2008 is a short retreat in Thonburi area led by Mae Chee Brigitte, at her centre in Taling Chan.

Some of you will have met Mae Chee at the movie day at the Tai Pan Hotel recently. She has a lot of experience in different kinds of meditation and can tailor advice to suit the individual. So doing she has gained a reputation for being a very good meditation teacher.

So if you are free in that quiet period between Christmas and New Year, join in the meditation. You will have to book first if you are planning to spend the night there.

Click here for details on the Sanghachai web site.


Description: The Center is located in Bangkok Talingchan District at the outskirts of Bangkok, close to Bangkok Southern Bus Terminal “Sai Dai”. Its one of 8 houses on a dead-end street. That makes it a quiet place which is within easy reach from Bangkok.

Directions: (from web site)

From Bangkoks’ Center (“Sanam Luang” or Banglampoo area) you are able to reach the center within 20 minutes by taxi. Note that the taxi has to pass several kilometers past the Bus Terminal before it can U-turn back to Chimpli. They go pretty fast so be alert.

All buses going to the Southern Bus Terminal have to travel the main road “Bangkok – Puttamonthon”. Get off at Soi Chimpli which is before you get to the Bus Terminal – ask the conductor to tell you when. There is a footbridge crossing the main road right infront of Soi Chimpli. As you turn off the main road you have to stay to your right to keep on Soi Chimpli, and walk 300m to soi 27. The 4th house along is the centre, and it is PINK, so you can’t miss it. Motorcycle taxis are available from the main road if you prefer.

If you are having difficulty you can call Mae Chee on 087-029-7090 to give the driver directions.

If you are game – you can actually paste the following co-ordinates in to Google Earth: (Google Earth: 13 46’57.23″ North, 100 26’06.71″ East)  to get the following maps.

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