Dhamma Talk One: Hero’s Journey

Monday 8th August

Start of this year’s Dhamma Talks …

To open this year’s big event series, we’ll be looking at the ‘God Complex’  – or why people think they know things. What do you really know?

Adding to your knowledge about different things, or concentrating on different objects of thought or meditation ….. all is only shuffling the content of the mind. There is a different direction of investigation. Give up what you know, and empty out. Buddhism teaches this is the beginning and end of the path.

But not only Buddhism – most spiritual lineages teach this in one way or another. Joseph Campbell recognised this when he examined myths and talks from around the world.

There is a hidden journey being described in a myriad of different ways … and it takes an innocent Hero to follow it. The Hero’s Journey.


Speaker is Phra Pandit Cittasamvaro, one of Thailand’s few British born monks.


Dance Centre, Sukhumvit 24

Parking at the President’s Park Tower is free of charge, according to our information (nothing is for sure here, but do try it)


6:30-8:15 pm

For full details, biography, directions and map click here

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  1. Yeah, tell me something I don’t know… (joking, Put Len-put len!!) seriously: Phra Pandit Thank you Thank YOU for once again pulling out all the stops to share the Dhamma with us English speakers here in Bangkok during the auspicious season of Buddhist Lent.

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