Dhamma Talk – Taling Chan

Mae Chee Brigitte leads a meditation session for mindfulness and vipassana as indicated below:

Sunday November 23

Thai, translated into English

AT Mae Chee Brigitte’s mini centre near Taling Chan (Thonburi, in the general area of the new Southern Bus Terminal on the Thonburi side of the river)

Mae Chee herself is currently absent from the Centre and should return there sometime after the 18th November, in case you are trying to call her there.

web site: http://www.meditationthailand.com/

Mae Chee Brigitte is an experienced meditator, and a long term Mae Chee. Her details, including lengthy descriptions of deciding to ordain, are found on her website. Over recent years she has gained a reputation as being a skilled meditation instructor, and is regularly travelling abroad helping teach meditation and spread the Dhamma. It is fortunate that she has moved close to Bangkok, and hopefully we can set more events up with her in the near future.

Received information reads as follows:

Sunday 23rd November

1pm at the Sanghachai Centre, Taling Chan (closing time not stated)

Afternoon with Thai Ajahn Phra Maha Sahapan


Phra Ajahn Sahapan is the abbot of Wat Sahadhammatat in Lard Lum Kheo, Pathumthani province.
A former engineer, he has now been a monk for over 30 years.
During that time he has been in intensive silent retreat under the guidance of Phra Ajahn Sangwahn Khemmako in Wat Tungsammakheedhamm for 10 years (where Mae Chee Brigitte studied under him for some years ) then he spent some years in the forests and in caves in both the North and South of Thailand He has since established Wat Sahadhammatat. In fact he speaks good English, but prefers that his talks be translated. He has a down to earth style of speaking, and is therefore easy to comprehend by foreigners and Thai people, not just through his knowledge but also through his long term experiences as a meditator.


Description: The Center is located in Bangkok Talingchan District at the outskirts of Bangkok, close to Bangkok Southern Bus Terminal “Sai Dai”. Its one of 8 houses on a dead-end street. That makes it a quiet place which is within easy reach from Bangkok.

Directions: (from web site)

From Bangkoks’ Center (“Sanam Luang” or Banglampoo area) you are able to reach the center within 20 minutes by taxi. All buses going to the Southern Bus Terminal have to pass the main road “Bangkok – Puttamonthon” which is a 10 min walk from the center.

If you leave a bus at “Sai Dai” Bus terminal, cross the main road and turn right. After about 500m turn left into “Soi Chimpli” Road. From there it’s about 300 m to Soi Chimpli 27 on the right side. It’s the 4th house in this Soi, its color is pink.

Or further directions provided by Frank

Mae Chee Brigitte’s Sanghachai Meditation Center is located to the WEST of Bangkok, across the Pinklao Bridge in Taling Chan.

To get there by taxi from Bangkok, head for “Sai Tai Mai” = the new Southern Bus Station.

About the time you pass “Sai Tai Mai” on the left hand side, look for a U-TURN sign. It is a fair distance to the U-turn. Make that U-turn.

Once the taxi has made the U-turn and is headed back towards Bangkok…they tend to go VERY FAST here, so be alert!

Soi Chimpli is, I believe, the second road that one can turn LEFT onto from the main road.

After the first left turn, you will see a pedestrian footbridge ahead…TURN LEFT immediately at the footbridge…
(“ti sapan loy na, leo sai”)

BUT the road forks immediately like a “V”…take the right-hand road, that is Soi Chimpli…
Go about ½ kilometer to Soi 27, turn right into Soi 27, about 80 meters down Soi 27 on the left-hand side, there is a gated house painted with shades of lavender, the address is 4/92…that is the Meditation center.

If you are having difficulty, call Mae Chee Brigitte on your cell phone and she can try to explain to the driver. 087-029-7090
Or call Frank at 086-003-6057
A main landmark is the Taling Chan Post Office…
it is on the main road very close to Soi Chimpli…
unfortunately, if you arrive at Taling Chan Post Office…you have already passed Soi Chimpli…
the last time this happened to me, I got out there, walked back to Soi Chimpli and took a motorcycle taxi to Chimpli Soi 27…10 baht.

If you are game – you can actually paste the following co-ordinates in to Google Earth: (Google Earth: 13 46’57.23″ North, 100 26’06.71″ East)