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Dhamma Talk w/ Jeff Oliver Thrs 26th Aug. — 9 Comments

  1. Is there a need for reservation of space here ,,if so Please save a seat or a spot for me Thank you.


  2. This sounds very interesting but its too bad as i just left Bkk yesterday and i stayed at Sukhumvit 2 which is very close to the place! well, i hope you would consider have this show another time! Ireni

    • We have events going on everymonth in different locations. We are at Ariyasom, Suk 1 every Monday evening too. You are always welcome.

  3. I have been living in Bangkok for about two years and have settled well
    but would like to learn more about meditation and dhamma.

    • I think I saw you there last night? I did not get chance to go over and say hello, but I saw that Denise greeted you, so hopefully you felt at home.

      You’re always welcome to come to events. Everything I know about goes on to the blog, both events taht I organise, of other speakers I invite, and events of other organisations. See you soon.

      Pandit Bhikkhu