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Dhamma Talk with A. Jayasaro in Pak Chong. Sun 4th Sept. — 17 Comments

  1. Hi, my name is Herbert, living for 20 years in Saraburi and will drive my car to Pak Chong.
    Anybody round Saraburi who want to join? Please note, I will not drive to Bangkok!
    tel. 081 640 0782

    • Cool. I will send you a mpa when I dig it out. Hope you can join fur lunch too – at a pretty nice place very close by where the talk will be.

      • Thanks, actually I know the place well so not need a map (visit each 1st. Sunday/month) but may the address where you will have lunch?

  2. I and my wife would like to join the talk too but we too will go on our own straight from our work in Wang Noi the day before. I suppose this is the same venue as last year? I’d appreciate a map too if you can dig it out… Jun

  3. Oh no! Jim and I get back from a trip abroad on that very date – but at night – very sorry to miss it. I do enjoy going to Pak Chong and hearing Achaan JS speak! Denise

  4. Hi, would like to reserve seats on the van for my friend and I (2 places)… Is there a way i can transfer the 600 baht to u since I am not sure I can get to Monday’s dhamma talk. There is a K bank very close to me and both Siam Commercial Bank and Siam City Bank have branches that are walking distance for me…

  5. Dear Venerable,
    I iquite nteresested to book one seat on the van for myself. Please let me know if I can join in this trip.

    • Of course you can join – can you make the deposit on Monday? If you can’t I can still book the seat for you if you are 100% certain of coming (I still have to pay for people’s seats if they don’t show up!).

      I think we will have 2 minivans so there is still lots of space.

  6. How can I register my name? I would like to meet other participants at Aree
    and I would like to share a van bound for the Dhamma talk place.
    I live in Western part of BKK and it may be difficult for me to go pay
    in advance…

  7. Dear Venerable, me and my friend (Kanae Sunanda) are interested to come and would like to make a reservation for 2 seats on a van. Is there any way I can transfer you the money instead since it is quite difficult for me to pay in advance? Thank you so much ka 🙂

  8. Hello,

    This would be the first time I make contact with this community so I’m unsure of how it all runs etc but I’m keen to attend the talk on Sunday with Ajahn Jayasaro. I’d be coming from Surin Province to the east so if you could provide a map that would be greatly appreciated. I’ll be taking the train or bus to Khorat first and heading out from there…any advice about this journey would be wonderful.

    Many thanks & I hope I can make it!