Dhamma Talk with Ajahn Jayasaro


Extra Special Event

Monday 9th November

Dhamma Talk with Ajahn Jayasaro

in English, at Baan Aree Library

  Ajahn Jayasaro

 We are happy to announce that Tahn Ajahn Jayasaro will be giving a Dhamma Talk in English, for our Little Bangkok Sangha on Monday 9th November 2009.

Ajahn Jayasaro was formerly the co-abbot and then sole abbot of Wat Pah Nanachat International Forest monastery in the North-East of Thailand for many years. Wat Pah Nanachat is in the lineage of Luang Phor Chah – a huge name in Thai Buddhism. Ajahn Jayasaro now resides alone in Kao Yai, and rarely makes public appearances in English outside of Kao Yai. In fact we are planning to arrange some regular trips to his hermitage where he gives a public talk every week in Thai – if there are enough of us to go along he will gladly speak in English there.

Ajahn Jayasaro is well known for his interesting and moving Dhamma Talks, in both his native English and also in Thai. For many years he led the International monastery and gained a fine reputation for accessibility and sharp dhamma. Hugely popular with the Thai community we are very glad he will talk this time in English only in support of the international community here in Bangkok.

We are holding the event at Baan Aree Library – the place where ‘Littlebang’ started 3 years ago! Be sure to come early to ensure a seat inside the air-con hall, as there will likely be a lot of people.

Time : 6:30 – 8:30 pm with Dhamma talk, Q&A, and meditation if time permits

Baan Aree

Baan Aree Library is a thriving dhamma site with library, meeting hall, and lots of events organised in Thai. The Library itself is open daily from 9 am – 7 pm and has a few books in English. The new Dhamma Hall is airconditioned and set in the attractive grounds, with many very reasonably priced vegetarian food stalls open in the daytime.

We owe a debt of gratitude to Baan Aree as the place where ‘Littlebang’ first started with the generous offering of great facilities free of charge for the English speaking community in Bangkok. Our group would not have gotten going otherwise.

Baan Aree has regular Dhamma meetings in Thai which are listed at their Thai website: http://baanaree.net/  .

The Library is right on the Skytrain line. Go to Ari BTS station and walk back towards the victory monument about 20 meters and you should see the passage way to Baan Aree Library on the right hand side – click on the maps below. Do arrive early and meet with some of the regulars in the coffee shop in the compound. Baan Aree car park is accessible from the rear (Soi Ari 1) where you see the sign for ‘ BANANA FAMILY PARK ‘. Bus routes 8, 28, 29, 38, 54, 63, 74, 77, 108, 157, 177, 502, 503, 509, and 510 all pass by. Get out at Ari BTS Station.

click map to enlarge:

map to Baan Aree

click map below for a wide area view of Baan Aree location:

Wide area Skytrain map 

Baan Aree, Bahn Aree, Bahn Ari, Baan Ari are all the same thing – just various transliterations from the Thai. The Skytrain station is usually written ‘Ari’, while the Library itself usually renders it as ‘Baan Aree’ .

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