Dhamma Talk with Grahame White

Continuing our project to invite interesting and capable meditation and dhamma teachers for the furthering of meditation, mindfulness and vipassana in Bangkok : 

Sunday 13th January
Dhamma Talk with visiting teacher
Grahame White

Ariyasom Villa
at the end of Sukhumvit Soi One

“Establishing a Regular Meditation Practise”

  • 6:30pm gather
  • 7-8:15 Talk and meditation¬†


I met Grahame in Bangkok, and then again in Hawaii last year, where he is a co-leader of the Vipassana Hawaii scene, though living in Melbourne. He was leading the 8 day retreat in the Zen Centre there, but came down with a really terrible cold. While it did not stymie his energy any, it did make it difficult to do talks. So I joined the retreat to help him out. We get along great, and I really like his lively energy. I’m really glad he’s stopping off in Bangkok to help with our easy-going weekend retreat, and do a talk for us on Sunday 13th before he heads off to India with a group of yogis.

Grahame has been practising and teaching Dhamma for a long time – he was ordained for a while in Bodhgaya in 1970.