Dhamma Talk with Steven Smith at Ariyasom

Freshly back in Bangkok after teaching a 10 day retreat in Hawaii, Vipassana teacher Steven Smith will give a dharma talk for us:

Thursday 8th September, 2011

Dhamma Talk with Steven Smith

Emptiness, Fullness, and What’s Inbetween

Please gather by the Pool area – the usual meeting place of the Library is occupied with a private party

At Ariyasom Villa Boutique Hotel, Bangkok

Meet, refreshments 6-6:45

Dhamma Talk, 6:45-7:30

Meditation 7:30-8:00

Questions 8-8:20pm

 Steven has done a number of Dhamma Talks for us in Bangkok before; always very well received. Ariyasom Villa is a quiet and charming boutique Hotel in the heart of Bangkok, with its own Meditation hall. Make the effort!

There is no charge for this event, and no need to book in advance. But please remember that our speakers have travelling expenses, and hotel bills to pay. They live on dana (donations) but never charge for anything, so please do be generous with donations…

Steven Smith

Steven co-founded Vipassana Hawai’i in 1984 and in 1995 founded the MettaDana Project for educational and medical projects in Burma. Also in 1995 Steven helped establish the Kyaswa Valley Retreat Center in Burma, headed by Sayadaw U Lakkhana, Abbot of Kyaswa Monastery. This partnership helped usher in the beginnings of Vipassana Hawai’i’s Fusion Dhamma approach combining traditional and contemporary teaching styles in the same retreat. Anchored in the Theravadan Buddhist Burmese lineage of Mahasi Sayadaw since 1974, he was trained and sanctioned as a teacher by revered monk and meditation master Sayadaw U Pandita. Steven divides his time teaching Vipassana and the Divine Abodes (loving-kindness, compassion, joy, equanimity) meditation retreats around the world, and assisting Burmese refugee communities along the Thai-Burma border. His long term vision for preserving the Dhamma is culminating in the beginnings of the Hawai’i Insight Meditation Center (HIMC) on the Big Island of Hawai’i’s remote North Kohala coast.


Could not be easier – go down Sukhumvit Soi One, right to the end, and Ariyasom is on the left.

Click the map for an even larger view (note that this map is proportional to actual distance, and has North at the top. It is less than a 10 minute walk from Ploen Chit BTS Station on Sukhumvit One