Dhammodaya Centre retreat with Jeff Oliver

The Dhammodaya Vipassana meditation centre, just outside Bangkok is announcing an upcoming retreat with respected meditation teacher Jeff Oliver.

Retreat runs from Saturday 9th to Sunday 17th January

Please arrive by 9am on the 9th, and the retreat will finish after the meal at midday on the 17th. Some car pooling should be available for the return to Bangkok. The retreat is free of charge, but participants are welcome to donate to the centre afterwards if they wish. Food is always plentiful, with lots of vegetarian choice.

Language will be English. During general sessions there will be Thai translation. In small group sessions language will be English only, or English to Thai for Thai participants.

Ajahn Jeff Oliver, who should be well known to regular meditators in Bangkok, is a former monk from the Sayadaw U Janaka lineage in Burma – which is one of the most important schools of Dhamma to come from Burma in recent decades.  He has an easy, accessible style of teaching coming form years of experience teaching meditation to beginners and advance practitioners alike.

The meditation style is based on Mahasi foundations of mindfulness, with a special emphasis on cittanupassana – mindfulness of mind states. He also mixes in a number of usefull tools, like metta mediation or building a foundation of appreciation, forgiveness, concentration, and useing  one’s own intrinsic wisdom as a tool.

The Dhammodaya centre is in Nakhon Pathom, about 45 minutes outside of Bangkok, and is dedicated to the Sayadaw U Janaka lineage of meditation. Facilities are fairly basic, but spacious enough. Fairly deep in the countryside it should be quiet and cool at this time of the year.

Click here for some excellent maps and other information on the Dhammodaya centre

The Dhammodaya centre does not have a dedicated website yet, so you can book in here at Littlebang using the form below.

Please include the following information

  • name
  • nationality
  • gender (for the allocation of sleeping space)
  • age
  • very briefly what meditation experience you have
  • any special requirements

Thai speakers can alternatively call 081 795 8045  (khun Ratchada)  or 081 810 9632 (Khun Rapaanan)