Evolution of Mind States


Evolution of Mind States

Dhamma Talk with Phra Pandit

at the fabulous new

Buddhadasa Indapanno Archives (BIA)

26th December – Boxing Day

3:00-5:00 pm

Little Bangkok Christmas Dhamma talk ! 


You have all heard about Darwin; his name is forever associated with Evolution. In fact, the idea of evolution had been BIA 1around before Darwin, but he added the essential mechanism – ‘Natural Selection’ as the crucial force. Together with inheritance and variation these power the evolution of the species.

In the modern era there is much application of these three components, especially in social evolution. Are your habits, desires, and motivations programmed into you by a society protecting it’s social memes?

Curiously, if we apply the same 3 components to the mind as experienced by a meditator, we result with a similar process to what Darwin proposed. But it is not survival of the fittest mind states that results! … at least until we change the selection process.


Talk will be given by Phra Pandit, who most of you will know already. 41 years old, in his 15th year as a Bhikkhu, ordained in Thailand, and a lover of meditation, psychology, and vertical axis wind turbines. He is not so keen on astronomers.


~Boxing Day – Sunday 26th December

~2:30 arrive (arrive earlier though, to take a look around this great new complex)

~3:00 Dhamma Talk

~4:00 Meditation

~4:40 Q&A

~5:00 Finish


 BIA 2We are making our first group visit to the Link to official website (BIA). This is the branch of Suan Mokh where the famous Buddhadasa Bhikkhu lived and taught for many years, and which is still a majour item on the spiritual tourism of Thailand ajenda. 

The place is beautiful, and vast. Overlooking the parklands near Mor Chit BTS, the complex includes a library, book shop, huge verandah overhanging the lake, and lots of art and sculpture. In following years this place will definitely become the most vital centre of Buddhism in Bangkok. Expect a lot of great events to happen here.




Go to Mor Chit BTS Station and walk through the park for about 20 minutes. Motorcycles are an option – but come on, you could do with the exercise, and it is a lovely park! You can also take a taxi from the BTS for about 45 baht. MRT users can go to Chatuchak Station or Pahonyothin station exit 3 (have not tried this one yet but should be slightly closer, but less pleasant walk)

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  1. This is too wild. Until last week I had never heard of evolution of mind states before. Now I find the notion wildly intriguing. I wish I was able to travel to attend. It doesn’t seem Phra Pandit has gone as far with it yet as Ajahn Suwattano. I’m waiting with baited breath for more information on the website.

    There is something about evolutionary aspect that fills me with optimism and hope for the future in place of the the feeling of doom and gloom as we continue to destroy our planet. Maybe our minds can evolve enough and we can stop fighting each other long enough to clean up our act?

    1. I willprobably record, but it’ll take a long time to post – I want to learn flash to add in all the keywords etc.. to the video, and then start a youtube channel.

      1. Have you tried using Youtube’s interface to add annotations and whatnot to vids? It’s much easier than learning to author Flash 😉

  2. sawaddee ka.
    my name is noi .
    i am a volunteer on sunday afternoon ,if you need someone to show the archive in english ,i will do it for you .
    i sign up to do volunteer touring and explain little about the dhamma picture and sculture .
    or if my english confused you in any way ,pls welcome to read for free at the book shop.

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