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  1. Meditation before sleep has big impact on sleeping. Specifically Metta meditation. As the from Pali Canon “One sleeps easily, wakes easily, dreams no evil dreams“. Its work big time!

  2. I’ve certainly noticed since starting to meditate regularly that I require less sleep. I frequently wake during the night too, which can be a bit frustrating when one has to get up for work at a specific time the following morning. I’ve been using auto-suggestion to reasonably good effect to get to sleep and return to sleep after waking during the night. On occasions I find that my mind simply becomes too alert and energised for auto-suggestion to work as I become distracted by an engaging line of thought which marks game over! I haven’t tried to meditate myself to sleep, although I guess one could describe auto-suggestion as a form of meditation, my reservation is that I might find myself unable to sleep at all. Perhaps I should try it on a weekend.

    I have also noticed since starting to meditate regularly that often before waking I am aware of experiencing very vivid dreams, almost as if awake, but not quite.