Female Saints

It is a hot topic right now.  The Bhikkhuni contribution to Buddhism … (Bhikkhuni is a fully ordained nun in Buddhism)

Visiting professor from the University of Leeds will be presenting some of the findings of his current research project on female saints in Thai Buddhism at Chulalongkorn university Nov 21st 2009.  Dr Seeger has been presenting several lectures on Western Buddhism also at the Monk’s university, and has spent a lot of time in Thailand researching the role of female saints from an academic standpoint. He even learnt to read Thai during his studies. He is very amiable and approachable.

With the recent controversy over the Thai/Western temple in Perth ordaining 4 Bhikkhunis this is a highly relevant topic ..

Event is free of charge and there is no need for reservation in advance.

Sainthood and Gender

in Thai Buddhism


Dr Martin Seeger

University of Leeds, United Kingdom

Saturday, November 21, 2009 09.00-12.00 am.

Boromrajakumari Building, Room 708


It is a 10-15 minute walk from Siam BTS Station. Go along Henry Durant road until you get to the footbridge. Turn right at the Chula university entrance after the footbridge, and turn right again once inside the compound. The Building you want is the tallest in the area, so it is easy to spot.

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Here is the view as you come through the correct entrance to the university. Turn right as you enter (taxis are forced to turn left and circle round).


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  1. On the calendar page, it says the time is 1-3 (pm) but here it is 9-12 am. Which one is correct?

    1. Well spotted, and thank you for pointing it out ! I the correct time is 9am to 12 noon, according to the information from Dr Martin. I changed the time on the Calendar.

      Pandit Bhikkhu

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